Stuff I Do

I have a YouTube profile where I upload a xerox of my butt: (Parental Advisory)

I have a FunnyJunk profile where I upload 2 xeroxes of my butt:(Parental Advisory)

I have a tumblr where I upload GIFs of my butt:

I have a Steam profile where I play Butt Xerox Simulator 2014:

I have an profile where you can ask me how to make a xerox of your butt:

I also have a blog where people go to the “Stuff I Do” section and wonder why butt xeroxing is mentioned so prominently, but I have no idea how to get there. I’m pretty sure that its existence is a rumor started by the Taiwanese government to oppress chicken farmers who eat chocolate every fortnight. Or Russian robots. Or both.


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CEO of the Department of Redundancy Department

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