About Me

Hat Man

Hiya, my name’s Charles.

I’m an 18 year-old aspiring astromarine biologist with a PhD in PhDs.

But most people know me as my carbon-based form:

An optimistic spunky kid with a passion for life.

My #1 love is learning, but at most I enjoy writing, playing/composing music as well as making instruments,  singing, dancing, acting, playing/making video games, watching/making videos, reading, , talking, loving, and living.

I aspire to create my own studio, however and whatever that entails, to create and share my craft and to collaborate with others to create content for people. I love entertaining others, and as such I have chosen to model my life after making sure that no matter what I’m doing, it’s improving someone’s life, even if just my own or someone else’s.

I’ve spent my entire life with severe and crippling OCD and clinical depression, and have overcome them and emerged as a brand new person, and hope that at some point I can help teach people about the importance and capabilities of professional help.

I hope to one day earn an honest living and have excess earning to use donating to charities or helping build projects with the purpose of helping people, especially kids, understand and fix those issues or that will create opportunities for people to generally better their lives.

I also hope to be able to travel lots of places and experience lots of cultures.

I also like tea, sleep, my Bari Sax, and people.

You can check out my blog, contact me via my e-mail at charlesadkins25@gmail.com to message me about anything, or go to the bathroom, take a look in the mirror, and remind yourself that you’re just the bees knees.


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