Making YouTube Videos Like Urine, With Half The Quality!

I’ve been a good boy to my YouTube recently.

Posted 2 videos within less than a 1-day span of starting to edit the first one and finalizing the second one.

Good for me!

Here’s a link to both. I hope you like random, because if not, run. Now.


Er Det Her Det Er Det Funk Jam?

This one’s a remix of that oh so famous Scandinavian kid “Ludvig Antonios Jacobsen”, who anyone in America has definitely never heard of based off the fact that I never would have had I not had direct contact with a Norwegian. Basically, the kid’s saying “IS DEY A PARTY UP IN HERE?”, so what better way to start a party than with a little Daft Punk?

And, even better, a surprise guest appearance from the inventors of slam jam.

Yo DJ! Turn it up!



“Yeah, I’m late for a brunch meeting with a blind date I met online.”


“Bad social skills making me nervous? Condescending egoism making me disinterested? Not bathing?”






Why Do You Do That?

Oh, Quentin hidden identity. If only your attempts at shying yourself away from my camera when I feel like getting a funny shot didn’t exacerbate the already hilarious take of your facial expressions.

This is where the weird hits the fan that is also weird. Like a Dr. Seuss book. The proverbial flabblewock hits the blooklewumpus.

Watch as I make a crappy YouTube Poop detail the innermost struggles of Quentin’s chaotic; labyrinthine mind.


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