Holy Courageous Trousers! A blog?

Hi, my name is Daniel Leigh Avidan
Charles Martinet
The Ghostbusters
Read the top of the page or the url for corn’s sake
Charles Adkins.

You probably know who I am from personal experiences, and definitely have not come here from any outside source other than me begging you to read my egotistical ramblings about the state of my foot and 14 cups of Arizona tea and whatnot.

Facetiousness aside, I’m happy to have a blog now. For the longest time I used Facebook as my way of getting my opinions out, but eventually it became a matter of me feeling sorry for other people having gigantic complaint posts all over their News Feed, so I started trying to make sure they were as positive as possible.

However, they were all still idealistic posts about a subject or personal experience where I went into deep analyzation about the rights and wrongs, so by trying to excise the negative vibes from my posts, I felt like I was starting to take out how I actually felt about certain things.

After all, it’s Facebook, so everyone I know deriving from hundreds upon thousands of different personalities and ideals was viewing what it was I had to say. It doesn’t impact it too hard, but it definitely does hurt how honest I can be about something.

Besides, there were too many of them anyway. Instead of Facebook being a place where I shared things with people I knew, it became a place where I yelled with my finger voice at an electro-doohickey and raked in the cathartic happies from every click of the like button or agreeing comment.

I’ve needed a place where I can post my thoughts about toilet paper and Green Eggs & Ham, because I have very severe OCD which makes my head a big fat bowl of non-stop flowing blockage, like your nose when you have a cold.

Subsequently, I also need a place where I can be open and honest and not have to worry about my family, preacher, dog, or flowers read what I’m saying and directly influence and affect my life because of it. S’not that I don’t want them hearing what I think because I’m afwaid; I’d rather have people be forced to actively seek out my thoughts to read them instead of having them shoved in their face when they’re trying to stalk someone.

And, as well, I need to get back into the habit of sharing things I like. It’s a sad internet existence when you just spend a bunch of time doing stuff that no one will ever know or care about you having done. I need a place to get out and build my thoughts and opinions, but as well I need an outlet for just putting out some things I like and why I like them, to give some balance.

I find that all too often I can recite upon why I find something wrong or detrimental, but when it comes to the things I love, I’ll only have a few words for it. That romanticism with coming up with a string of beautiful phrases together into a whole happy thought is being lost in me, replaced by wanting to tell everyone why being a Jew isn’t okay. (Just kidding, I love Jews, I just hate Juice. It’s a life choice that those horrid fruits are forcing into the world, usually through a blender.)

I can’t say for sure every post will be family-friendly. Depends on the subject matter if I deviate into a little vulgarity or taboo-ness. Like I said, I usually try to keep with a “No matter what I say, just know that I don’t mean to attack anyone by any means.” theme, but sometimes people get indirectly attacked by things that weren’t meant to be. And I’m okay with that. I just hope you understand if I do infiltrate some territory you find uncouth, I’d be completely understanding no matter how much I disagreed with how you feel.



Anyways, that’s what this blog is about. You can expect all my thoughts, ideals, opinions, and general education and facts on some subjects that I’ve been researching that I feel like taking the time to write about.

And, you can also expect some pictures, videos, music, and other media that I really like and feel like sharing with you.


If you’re(I’m) lucky, I might even get really existential and deep and you’ll be all like “Wow, that was really existential and deep.” and then you’ll live the rest of your life knowing that I’m really existential and deep.

Don’t tell me you(I) don’t want that.

I know I(you) do.


Anyways, time to wrap it up.
I hope you enjoy (or perhaps have enjoyed) what I put here.

Thanks, and keep happy.





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